Shaunna Faye

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

14 weeks

I'm just a few days away from being 14 weeks pregnant - and it still sucks.
Just thought I'd let you know.

But there is good news! We found a 3D/4D ultrasound place that is cheaper than other ones we'd looked into. So, we booked an appointment for Saturday, November 21st! That will be the day that we find out the sex of the baby!!! (I'll be 17 weeks then.)

6 people are allowed in the room to watch, but it's just going to be me, Chris, my Mom, and my BFF Kelli. Daniel and Kimberly will be busy getting ready for Cohen's birthday party later that day, and well, there's really no one else that'd be interested in being there to see that sort of thing. We'll have pictures to share afterward though, so that'll be nice.

I really just want to put a name to this 3 inch thing that's caused me so much discomfort. Yay!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Are you kidding me?

Called my Dr. office today to ask if we'll be doing an ultrasound at my 16 week appointment. Nope. Dangit!

That means that I have to wait until my 20 week appointment (around December 10th-ish) to find out the sex of the baby.

We considered doing the 3D ultrasound around 17 or 18 weeks, but decided against it because we figured we could use that $100 toward other things. I tried to argue with Chris that it's only $100, but he argued right back saying it's only an extra 2-3 weeks we have to wait. So, he won. Considering that I win about 99% of our disagreements, I'll let him have this one. (Plus, the crib we want from IKEA costs $100, so the money we're not spending on the 3D ultrasound will be buying the crib.)

So, I'll just hold on a little bit longer and be patient like a good girl. I can do it! Gah...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Things that annoy me.

There are WAY more things that annoy me than I'd like to admit to. Let's just say...I have a little bit of a problem with people not thinking how I think. At least I can admit to that.

Anyway, there are two things in particular that are annoying me today.

1. People just blurt out their opinion and expect others to take it as fact. A certain person, I know to not bother trying to argue with because they're so stubborn that it will end up in a fight because they tend to be irrational. But I'm all about reality, so it's hard for me to take the statements in stride and not try to correct them when they're so blatantly wrong. Very, very hard. So, in order to avoid such arguments, I try to distance myself from this person. That's a challenge when you still ultimately want to remain friends with them because they really are a good person.

2. I know that a lot of my friends (and Chris's) are still young - and some just young at heart. But that does not override responsibility. It's not cool to just do whatever you want, whenever you want. If you're van is broken, don't go on tour and don't expect anyone else to lend you their van. If you don't have money to fix said van or to rent another van, don't go on tour. If you don't have anywhere to stay on this ohsoimportant week long tour, don't go on tour. And is it really a "tour" if it's a week? You'll literally be eating out of dumpsters and sleeping in your broken van. There's a name for people that do things like that - homeless. You're not homeless. Just irresponsible. So, stop it.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

When am I supposed to start enjoying this?

Seriously...when am I supposed to start enjoying being pregnant? I'm 3 months into this thing and it still sucks. The acid reflux, hiccups, gas, nausea... How can ANYONE enjoy this?

Look at that - I'm a terrible mother already. I wish I could send this baby to its room to give mommy a freaking break.

Burp. Hiccup. Burp.

Monday, October 19, 2009

12 weeks

12 weeks along and I do believe I'm starting to show a baby belly and not just a fat belly. It's debatable though.

We're hoping that at our next appointment on Nov. 12th, we'll be able to find out the sex. I would REALLY love to know so I can decide on nursery decor.

We bought our first baby item a few days ago. It's a really sweet video monitor. So, not only can I listen in on baby sleeping, I can also watch what's going on in there. There are a few larger items that we're buying ourselves instead of putting on the registry. This was one of them. A breast pump is next on the list.

I started cleaning out the nursery this weekend and Chris started putting up shelves in the garage so we can store things out there instead. We didn't finish either of those tasks.

We picked out the pack and play and stroller/car seat combination at Babies R Us. Red and brown. Can go for either a boy or a girl!

Here's the most recent ultrasound picture:

Monday, October 05, 2009


Had an impromptu visit to the Dr. today. I had some sharp, shooting pains yesterday on my right side - right where my cyst is, so I called the Dr. today to see if it's normal and I should wait it out until my next visit. They said to come in for an ultrasound just to ease my mind, but it didn't seem like anything serious.

So I headed over on my lunch break, had an ultrasound, and poof! The cyst that was once there is now gone! They said the pain I had yesterday was most likely the cyst rupturing, which is totally ok.

More good news is that the empty sac is getting a lot smaller and should soon be completely gone. Also, the baby is right on track and has a heart rate of 158.

So, that's a relief.

I still go back for my regular appointment a week from Thursday for other kinds of test things, but it's good to know the baby is still doing exactly how it's supposed to be doing. Hooray!

Thursday, October 01, 2009


I'm finding it very difficult to hold back feelings of "I don't want to hear about your baby because you're just WAY too giddy about it."

It's horrible, I know. But here's the thing - I know that most people don't care about the fact that I'm growing a fetus 24 hours a day. Outside of my family and my blog, I really don't talk about it much...because I know that 99% of people don't care to hear about it.

So, it's hard for me to hear people being just so incredibly excited and praising Jesus and blah blah blah. Again, I know that sounds horrible.

They should be excited. They should praise Jesus. But do that have to do that in a public forum where eeeeeeeeveryone is reading it? It just makes me want to gag. But, that might go back to me just not being a mushy person. At all. Ever.

And I do feel bad about it. I do go along with it. I give the congratulations and ask and answer the questions. Pregnant people bond with other pregnant people. I get it. And I'm sorta ok with that. My problem here is the blatant "Praise God!" comments and calling the tiny baby those little nicknames that all pregnant people call their fetus. Like, Peanut, and stupid stuff like that.

Listen, I like to talk about my baby. A lot. I just don't do it unless I'm asked, which is usually never. And I like being asked because I like talking about my baby because it's interesting to me. But I know it's not interesting to other people. So, unless I'm asked, I try not to talk about it...unless there's something cool happening that someone close to me might also think is cool. And in that case, I'm ok with bringing it up, but just to that person that's close to me. Not all of the internets.

Am I going to hell?

Am I going to end up deleting this? Because I'm kind of already starting to feel bad about writing it. Maybe this is one of those things I should keep to myself.