Shaunna Faye

Monday, September 17, 2012

34 Weeks

I've hit 34 weeks in this pregnancy and I'm still amazed and how easily I'm getting around compared to last time. Still minimal swelling, which is probably the best part if we're comparing the two pregnancies.

Abel's room is complete, minus the changing pad, which Martha is still freaking using because she's still in freaking diapers. I know she can do the whole potty thing...I just wish she would stop saying she will go potty "when she's bigger." That's what she says for everything despite the fact that we tell her alllll the time that she's a big girl. I'm trying not to push the issue. We'll just try again in a few months. Newborn + potty training a toddler = tons of fun.

I still feel Abel in all kinds of crazy positions. Stomping on my bladder, nudging himself into my hips, butt poking out right in the middle of my belly. So clearly he's not taken his head down position yet. I know he has time, but I was expecting him to get there early like Martha was. I swear she was head down and stayed that way by this point. My doctor says around 37 weeks he might get that way, but he has right up until the day of delivery to get there. Fingers crossed that no c-section is needed. That would be the worst. This dude needs to be an easy delivery like Martha was.

I'm packing my hospital bag early. I like to be prepared. And I have to pack a small bag for Martha too. I'm still not quite sure where she's going to end up when labor starts. I guess it depends on what day and what time of day it happens. My mom will need to be in the delivery room with me, so Martha may end up with my Dad if Daniel and Kimberly are at work or something. I honestly have no idea what's going to happen. I think it'll all just work out in the moment. She'll be with someone somewhere and then she can stay a night or two with my parents until we're allowed to go home.

It still doesn't feel normal that I'm going to have 2 kids in less than 6 weeks.