Shaunna Faye

Monday, April 23, 2012

Second Trimester

I'm 13 weeks along now and I'm AMAZED at the lack of nausea I've been experiencing the past few days. It's almost non-existent. C-razy! I had another ultrasound done at my visit last week and the cyst on my ovary is still there. Same size as before, 3.9 cm. They said it's not big enough to cause any problems and they wouldn't try to do anything about it unless it was 9-10 cm. They're going to do another ultrasound at the next visit at 16 weeks to check on it again. I suppose it'll either go away on it's own or stay there and hopefully not cause any problems and who knows what will happen after I have the baby. Funny how something always come up that causes me to get WAY more ultrasounds than I'm supposed to. I saw the dude move around on the screen at this last visit. I told Chris afterward that I forgot that they move around so early. I was still expecting to see a motionless bean shaped thing. But at 12 weeks, it's beginning to look more like a baby than a bean. And he was dancing around in there. I can't wait to see that again next time. I might let Chris come with me next time so he can see it too. Usually I don't let him come cause it's boring stuff that wouldn't matter if he's there or not. He only needs to be at the important appointments. We're going to a 3D ultrasound place to get the gender determination done right before I'm 17 weeks (May 19th). We did the same thing with Martha. My mom doesn't know why I can't just wait until my Doctor's office tells us at 20 weeks. See, I'm a MAJOR planner. I need to know as much information as early as possible so I can be overly prepared. The sooner I can start working on the nursery and buying cute baby boy clothes, the better. Plus, there are a lot of gender neutral clothes that Martha wore when she was younger, so there's about a BILLION tubs of clothes and baby things in the garage that I will need to go through. It's literally going to take me a month to that that part alone. I think we (and by "we" I mean "Chris") are going to re-paint Martha's room whenever we paint the new baby's room in a few months. I want to do her room a really pale yellow. We're going to switch her to a big girl bed late this summer, so I figured a nice, new color scheme would be fun too. We had Martha's 2nd birthday party yesterday. I kept it super small this year. Just family and the Gordon's. Kelli couldn't make it because her Mom is having surgery tomorrow in Macon and she's crazy busy and stressed driving back and forth and everything. Martha LOVES LOVES LOVES the microphone that Brent and Cyndi got her. She sang and danced for everyone. I NEVER would have done that for a group of people at 2 years old. Whose kid is this?! She got so many other awesome toys and clothes. She'll be playing hockey and tee-ball after we put the stuff together. It was a great, but tiring weekend. It's nice to get back to a regular schedule this week and not worry about the house being clean or doing random projects.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New new

So here's a weird little thing...
At about 10 weeks I started noticing my mouth was really dry. I thought it was because of the zantac I was taking every day. But then I didn't take zantac for 3-4 days straight but my mouth was still SUPER dry.
I did some googling and apparently it's another normal pregnancy thing that a lot of women experience.
What the hell?
This is just another thing to add on to why I think I'm having a boy this time. I never had this problem with Martha.

Speaking of Martha...while I don't love a clingy baby, sometimes it feels nice to be wanted/needed. When I dropped her off at my parent's house this morning she wanted me to stay and watch tv with them. And when I couldn't, she followed me to the door and then cried when I tried to take her back over to my mom. She wanted me to hold her so I did for a minute then passed her off with a promise of Nana getting her a snack. So sweet that she wanted me to hold her. She's usually the complete opposite. (Wonder where she got that from. Ha.) So, I took advantage of the moment of sweetness because it won't come around again for a while.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Birthday Antiquing and Hiccups

Chris planned a whole surprise day for us to celebrate my birthday. We both took off work yesterday (my actual birthday is Saturday) and he finally told me over the most amazing breakfast at Mimi's Cafe what we would be doing the rest of the day. Antiquing!

We went to Athens and hit up about 4-5 places. Had lunch at Trappeze. Did so much walking, but I had lots of water and Poweraide so my hands wouldn't swell. I ended up having to take my ring off, but the swelling wasn't too bad.

I had a budget of $200 that Chris had saved and the $120 that I had saved. I only ended up spending about $150 I think. Got some cute new things that I'll be using in the new baby's room (a hippo print to frame and hang and really old Coca Cola and 7-Up wood crates), a silver 3 tiered stand that you can put cupcakes or whatever you want on, a cabinet with tin in the doors for the kitchen or bathroom, and some vintage airplane pajamas for Martha. Pretty good stuff. Oh, and Chris found an awesome World Series Braves shirt for only $5.

I'll start looking for an antique dresser to use as a changing table in the baby's room as soon as I have saved up about $300 for it. I want a good one, so I'll have to spend a little more on it. I'll hit up more antique malls as soon as the room is ready for it.

I googled hiccups in pregnancy because I had this problem with Martha too. Not where the baby gets hiccups, but where I'll have a random 1 or 2 really loud and strong hiccups randomly throughout the day. Thankfully, I'm not the only one. No one ever really said what causes it but the best guess I found was that the diaphragm is being softened by the relaxin in your body causing the random hiccups. Makes sense.

Still feeling nauseous, but mostly in the evenings now. It's the worst around 5:00 PM which is terrible timing because that's when I get home from work and have to pay attention to Martha and bath time and dinner time and bed time. At least I've been able to go to bed around 8:00-9:00 to get a lot of rest. I did have to leave work early a few days ago because I was on the verge of puking, but that was a fluke incident. I went home, ate some cereal, slept for 2 hours and I felt much better.

I'm so excited for the Easter Egg hunt on Saturday and getting to spend some time with my family!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Well crap.

Did I jinx myself by saying that I was JUST nauseous? Cause now I've thrown up the past 2 days. I read that this week is the high point for the sickness. Lord Baby Jesus Almighty in Heaven I really hope this stops soon. I haven't had my emotional "I can't take this anymore" crying break down yet but I feel it coming on soon if the puking continues.

Crackers and water before bed.
I'm still deciding if I should take my prenatal vitamin tonight. I had to skip it last night because I was so sick.
Not sure how it'll sit in my stomach tonight.


Monday, April 02, 2012

10 Weeks

I'm officially 10 weeks along now. I'm still completely exhausted and nauseous every day. And I'm still hoping this all ends by 12 weeks like it does for most pregnant women.

We took Martha to the Yellow River Game Ranch yesterday and she loved seeing all the animals. I'd never been either, so it was pretty cool feeding some sheep and stuff. And we saw one of the buffalo peeing, so there's that.

I am more and more amazed at how much Martha talks every single day. While most kids her age speak in 2-3 word sentences, she's speaking in full on paragraphs. She says the most hilarious things sometimes that I have no idea where she picked up. She told me the other day "That's a good question, Mommy" and I cracked up. I'm positive I've never said that to her. Oh, and I'm not the type to call her Sweetie, Baby, Honey, or anything like that, but she calls me those things all the time. So funny! And how can you not fall completely in love with her all over again when she tells you that she's "glad for you" out of the blue.

It all makes up for the times like last night when she has an hour long meltdown of uncontrollable sobs for no reason other than she's tired.