Shaunna Faye

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Big Girl Bed and Potty

I had to get these words out into the universe before I forgot and would kick myself for not documenting it.

Martha graduated to her "big girl bed" about 3 days ago! She was a little apprehensive the first night so Chris laid in there with her for about 20 minutes or so. I took a picture of it on the monitor cause it was so cute. After he left the room she got out of bed but when she realized she couldn't leave her room (we put one of the safety door knob things on the inside - sneaky) she got right back into bed. She read a book and played with her stuffed animals for a while then laid down and went to sleep. Since that first night she hasn't gotten out of the bed at all once we lay her down. Woo hoo!

THEN....yesterday Chris had just finished going to the bathroom and Martha said out of nowhere "I want to pee in the potty" so we took her diaper off and sat her up there and she totally peed in the potty. Just like that. No struggle. And I wasn't the one to initiate it! I guess she just decided that she was ready. We've tried a few more times since then, but she hasn't gone anymore. She's very excited about it though and will sit there and she wants to pee, but nothing happens. My mom is going to put underwear on her a little while at her house today and see how that goes. So I guess this is the beginning of potty training. And praise the lord for that because I wasn't stoked about buying diapers for two kids at once. Also, we need her changing pad for Abel's room. Ha ha.

If yesterday wasn't a good enough day with the whole potty thing....Chris got a raise! A REALLY good one! Totally out of nowhere! It brought so much relief when he told me. We are SO tired of this yo-yo credit card thing that we do. We pay down the CC to almost nothing and then a billion things come up at once and it gets almost maxed out again, then we start the process all over again. It's happened like 3 times since we've been married. So frustrating. I want it paid off and to not have to rely on it unless absolutely necessary. Aside from the hospital bills (who knows how much that'll be) we should have things paid off in about 5-6 months. Then we'll take every big of this extra money from his raise and put it into savings. We'll need a new car in the next couple of years I'm sure, so having a nice cushion and a substantial down payment will be amazing. Here's the problem with raises though...we always get super excited when one comes along and then somehow it just disappears and it's like nothing changed at all. It gets sucked up into regular daily living and whatnot. Luckily, this one is substantial enough to make a big difference, so we're determined to stick to our current budget and put this extra money where it needs to go...debt.

Anywho...That's that.