Shaunna Faye

Saturday, May 31, 2008

After 4 hours of sleep last night (Sex and the City was awesome), I got up and went to orientation this morning.

After that long, boring process I came home and registered for classes. I have 6 classes I have to finish by June which is NBD especially since half of them I can do online, so I'm starting out with Math and Psychology first. I wanted to add English in there too, but all the online classes were already full. I'll check back and see if anyone drops it so I can pick it up, but I doubt that'll happen.

They explained how difficult it is to get into the program and I'm kinda nervous. So basically I need to kick ass on all my prerequisites and get an awesome GPA so I have a better shot at making it into the 35 out of 150 applicants. There's an essay and an interview to get through too. Basically, I just have to do well all around and keep my fingers crossed.

Another thing I found out today (and I know you're finding this all very interesting) is that if/when I do get accepted into the program in June my school schedule will be M-F....40 hours a week. Just like a full time job. So what does that mean? It means I won't have much time to work. So Chris and I have altered our plans once again....

The money we save over the next year will have to be used towards living expenses for the 2 years I'll be in school and unable to work much at all instead of a down payment on a house. So that means buying a house is a lot further away than we planned. But that's ok.

Anyway, Chris is watching a hockey game so I'm gonna go cuddle cause I'm tired.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Finally unpacked today.

It feels good to have (most) everything in order.

I think I might write some Thank You notes tonight. Chris is going over to a friends house to play the new Mario Kart on Wii. He got it yesterday and I didn't want to play with him last night. I'm sticking with the N64 for Mario Kart. Call me old fashioned.

I went to the good ol' Gwinnett County Probate Court today and got my Marriage Certificate. Tomorrow I'm going to change my name with the Social Security people and my bank.

The old family I nannied for....the ones I got so pissed at before....sent me an email with pictures of Landon at 8 months old today. It felt good to see they haven't completely forgotten about me yet. I fully expect them to. It's ok. But I'm just glad it hasn't happened yet.