Shaunna Faye

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Action Dorris

I haven’t had much luck getting over my sickness. I thought I was doing better, but it turns out that I’ve had a fever for the past two days. I just picked up some antibiotics from my Mom on my lunch break today. I also saw my Dad’s new motorcycle when I was there and talked with my Mom about her next tattoo. She wants to get little wings on her back. She’s so cute. She made me lunch too and we sat at the table and talked for a half hour. Then I proceeded to pout about having to go back to work.

Upon returning to work I found an email telling me I’d made another error. I’ve completely lost motivation to perform online research. Shocking, I know. Time to move on? I’m trying…

There’s been a cloud of gloom hanging over my head and following me everywhere I go. There’s no escaping it. No running from it. I think I will just get rained on and hopefully there will be sweet relief in the near future.

There will be a few changes for me over the next few weeks. I’m going back to blonde, ladies and gentleman. Also, I’m taking my nose ring out and getting my septum pierced this weekend.

It’s a summer of change.

I suppose until all the grandiose goodness floats over my way I’ll continue to bang my head on my keyboard in a frenzy of frustration. There’s some alliteration action for ya.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Oh summer life...

My current mood: Bright Eyes – Make War, Lovedrug – Pretend You’re Alive,

With the help of Patrick I’ve realized my dream of being a pro blogger.
Ok, not really...but it’d be nice to not have to go to work every day. If I could work from home in my pajamas with episodes of Oprah or Law and Order playing in the background I would be more than just a happy camper.

So here’s the deal...I took the SAT’s on Saturday. It didn’t go fantastic, but I don’t think I did too horrible. Then again, I had a fever of 101 at the time so I could have just been dilerious. I kept my jacket on the whole time so the high schoolers wouldn’t see my tattoos and ask questions. The last thing I want at 7:30 in the morning on a Saturday is to have a conversation with a 17 year old about my “ink.” No thanks.

So what do I do now? There are many options that I won’t bore you with. I guess mainly what I need to figure out right now is if I’m even able to apply to Grady this year. Technically I don’t think I can. Deadlines and whatnot... I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my SAT scores come in before they said they will though I have a feeling they won’t.

Basically I have no idea what I’m doing. On one hand I feel like I should just keep working and enjoy the summer living at The Pickle. But on the other hand I don’t feel as though I should put off the inevitable...moving out and going to school. Maybe it can wait until fall. Maybe I’m just procrastinating.

All I really know at this very moment right now is that I feel nauseous and I still have 3 hours of work left today. But really, I guess that’s all I need to know.

Screw one day at a time. I live one hour at a time.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Besides...maybe this time it's different. I mean...

Not the injustice of the woman who improperly used the HOV lane this morning and barely escaped getting caught, nor the fact that I'm working in a cubicle at this very moment, or the thought of taking a test in less than a week that I will inevitably fail horribly, or even knowing that I will once again be living at my parents house probably within the month will dampen my spirits today.

I had a good dream last night and I get to spend time with someone tonight that (simply put) makes me happy.

Comfort zones have long ago been stepped out of and I'm liking the new landscape. Who made up that zoning law anyway?