Shaunna Faye

Monday, April 30, 2007

Octane's funny things and Feist makes me want to spoon.

Sitting at Octane last night whilst downloading music a guy sat down next to me at the bar. He basically was the sketchiest dude ever. He had some papers with him and a pencil. During the 5 minutes he was sitting there he looked around the place several times like he was looking for someone, acted like he was thinking really hard about the papers in front of him, spread out and then stacked up the papers 2 or 3 times, spun his pencil around on top of the stack of papers impatiently, and basically just fidgeted a whole lot while continually acting frustrated and like he had somewhere to be. All the while, the rest of us at the bar just tapped away on our laptops while sipping on whatever beverage we ordered all calm-like as normal Octane patrons should act. Dude was freaking me out. He eventually got up quickly and left. Thank God. I don't know how much longer I could have gone without turning around and getting a good look at him to make sure I never came in contact with him again.

This music that I speak of that I downloaded in the midst of being completely paranoid that some guy was gonna shoot up my favorite coffee shop was Feist's new album The Reminder.

This is seriously the best album I've heard since Bright Eye's I'm Wide Awake it's Morning. Sure, some of you don't exactly value my taste in music because of said Bright Eyes fandomship, but I promise you that if you listen to this record you'll fall in love with it.

It has the kind of songs that make you sit very still, close your eyes, and take in every single detail. Every short breath taken at the beginning of the chorus. Every exhale at the end of the song that almost sounds like a sigh and you pretend it is because it just makes the song that much more moving. It takes a lot for me to get excited about new music. The Reminder just makes me feel all sorts of sad, but the good kind of sad. The sad that makes you feel alive when lately all you've been feeling is like you're just going through the motions.

With lyrics like "What gives what helps the intuition? I know I'll know. I won't have to be shown the way home. And it's not about a boy…although although… they can lead you. Break or defeat you" how can you not relate? At least that's the feeling that I get.

One of my favorite songs so far (and it's difficult to pick just one) is How My Heart Behaves. I'll post the lyrics below, but you really need to hear the song. Actually, if you want….I'll make a copy of the CD for you. Or if you have an iPod just come on over to Octane tonight between 6:45 and 8:00 (I don't want to sit in Braves traffic) or to The Pickle later on and I'll put it on your iPod for you.

How My Heart Behaves

What grew
What grew
What grew and inside who
First so simple was the vow
Then the chorus sang about
Your shoulder
The mooring for me
Like water lost in the sea

The cold heart will burst
If mistrusted first
And a calm heart will break
When given a shake

I'm a stem now
Pushing the drought aside
Opening up
Fanning my yellow eye
On the ferry
That's making the waves wave
This is how my heart behaves

The cold heart will burst
If mistrusted first
And a calm heart will break when given a shake

(How her heart behaves)
The rain rain making me cry
(How her heart behaves)
Then the wind comes
Fanning my yellow eye
(How her heart behaves)
The waves wave the waves wave
This is how my heart behaves

A cold heart will burst
If mistrusted first
And a calm heart will break
When given a shake
The cold heart will burst
If mistrusted first
And a calm heart will break
When given a shake

What grew
What grew
What grew and inside who

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


A guy with a career and his act together is the new black.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

There's nothing on TV anymore.

Add a viral infection in my eye to the list of things that want to go wrong with me. Now I have antibiotics and eye drops that I have to put in every two hours. I pretty much despise eye drops so this is a little bit of a task for me. I have to work up the nerve to put them in. It's really no fun at all.

And poor, poor kitty...has fleas. He's been going crazy itching. I tried giving him a bath. He wasn't having it. He's now wearing a flea collar. That's all I can do at the moment I guess.

At some point soon I hope to not be on any medication and also I'd like to go one full day without feeling naucious.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tattooed on the inside.

There was another trip to the doctor who then sent me to the hospital yesterday. I almost had to miss my family birthday dinner. I was more upset about that then the fact that they were looking for a pulmonary embolism that the mean nurse said could kill me which was why I had to go to the hospital that day instead of the next morning.

Alas, they shot ink through my veins and took more pictures of my insides. Nothing. Of course. So now I'm a sitting duck. I said that phrase to my Macedonian friend earlier and had to explain to her what it meant.

I have one pain pill left, but a new prescription for a different kind of anti-inflamitory. Those things make me nausous.

In the past two days I've gotten gift cards to Papa John's, Target, and iTunes.

The ex and I are finally being civil. I feel good about it. I just don't think I can handle having enemies.

I love riding on the back of scooters through Atlanta. It makes me really want one of my own. The next time a have a spare three grand maybe I'll buy one.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Because some people don't look at Myspace Event Invites.

Hosted By: David Gordon
When: Saturday Apr 14, 2007
at 9:00 PM
Where: Lambda Lambda Lambda House
303 Grant Park Place
Atlanta, GA 30315
United States
David Gordon

Click Here To View Event

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Give me peace and rest and more oxycodone.

Sickness has taken over my body. The past 2 days I've had a fever and have done nothing but take pills and sleep. The futon in my living room has become my personal sanctuary where Taco and I cuddle and lay all day watching bad reality TV for 10 minutes and then we both drift off to sleep.

My Mom tells me to go back to the doctor and tell them about the pleurisy because it should be gone by now (a week and a half later) and it's not. She says maybe I have pneumonia or something since I'm still coughing.

I got the billing statement for what Dekalb Medical Center will be charging my health insurance company...$800. Eight hundred freaking dollars. That's insane. Thank goodness I have insurance or I would have been screwed. There has only been about 1 year of my life where I didn't have insurance and I must's terrifying.

So, in all of my sickness I pray for rest (not just passing out from pain pills) and for me and almost every single one of my other friends that are also sick to get well.

Saturday is my birthday party. I WILL BE WELL BY THEN.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

A new SAT question I made up.

You need to mail yo baby’s mama child support by 5:00. The distance from your crib to the post office is 10 miles. If you roll out at 4:tweezy PM traveling an average of 30 miles per hour, but first stopping to pick up your homies, holla at ya girl, bust a cap in some motheafuckas ass, holla at your other shorty, and stop by your cousins house to show him your new rims you just got on the Impala, will you make it in time?

A.) Yes
B.) No
C.) Trick Question – Ballers don’t pay child support, especially on time, especially if that bitch can’t even prove that Jerome is yours.