Shaunna Faye

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Troy Davis

There has been a lot of talk about Troy Davis. I will admit...I didn't know anything about this case until a few days ago. And still, I haven't read too much about it. I've seen all the protests and tweets and status updates. I heard on the radio this morning a quick 60 second story about what happened in his case and appeals.

I wasn't involved in the trial, so I can't say whether or not this man was guilty of killing Mark MacPhail. None of us really can.

Guilty or not, he didn't deserve to be put to death. I don't believe in "eye for an eye."

Some of his last words on this earth were proclaiming his innocence. Maybe he was lying. Maybe he wasn't. Either way, he should be alive today.

It's sad that we think we are responsible for deciding if someone should live or die, whether it be from a murder by gun or a murder by lethal injection.

Mark MacPhail's widow said after the execution, "I will grieve for the Davis family because now they're going to understand our pain and our hurt."

It's not ok that another family has to endure that pain and hurt.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Savannah, again

Chris and I scored a free place to stay in Savannah again thanks to his friend, Josh. We wanted to go one more time before the weather gets too cool for the beach. This time we'll be without Martha or anyone else. (Last time there were 7 other people, Martha, and a dog split between 2 apartments. Try coordinating THAT.)

We've already talked about what we want to do:
-Sit on the beach under umbrellas for hours and hours. Reading, napping, whatever.
-No rushing to get anywhere.
-Eating meals at any time that we want...even having dinner past 6:00. Gasp!
-Walking around to the shops and under the trees. (Last time we didn't have time to do this.)

We're going next weekend. Only extending the trip by a 1/2 day. Martha will be staying with my parents. This is in between the two weekends that my parents will be out of town. Busy busy.

I'm excited for this holiday season. I'm really looking forward to going to Tennessee again too. I wish I could go visit more. It will be a lot of fun with Martha this year. Last year she was just crawling around not doing a whole lot.

We taught her "ice ice baby" yesterday. Those are two of her favorite words so we figured we could string them together. Ha ha. Maybe I'll be able to teach her some of a Christmas song before that time rolls around.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Family Vacation, Savannah, 2011

We took our first family vacation this weekend. (Besides the few trips to TN that we've done to see family.)

I got some video of Martha seeing the ocean for the first time. She took to it right away. She loved digging in the sand and playing in the waves with one of us holding her. We figured out that 2 hours is about her limit. She gets testy at that point. I taught her how to make a sand castle and then knock it down. She was a pro at the last part.

I think Savannah is going to be our go-to spot for beach vacations. We're very familiar with the place and Chris said he'd move there in a heartbeat if we could.

We're planning on going one more time before it gets too cold, just me and Chris this time, for a more relaxing trip.

I'm so glad that Martha loved the beach and that we could make memories this weekend.