Shaunna Faye

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I'ma gonna win!

You know how they have those stickers you can put on the window of your car that look like a baseball or softball is going through it? I think someone needs to make some that look like Mario Kart shells. I would seriously put a first place shell (you know, the one with spikes) in my window. That way everyone would know that I'm always in first place.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Admiring your lava..

My day started off interesting....
Waking up too late to take a shower (ewe). Having a phone conversation about mental institutions on the way to work. Eating my Mom's home-made banana pudding and drinking Tab Energy for breakfast sitting in my cube. And just now hearing someone say this:
"A half day?
Hmmmm....Did I take a half day?
I think I took a half day.
No, maybe I didn't take a half day.
Wait, yeah, that was a half day on that day.
Do you remember when I took that half day?"

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Story Time!

I went to Target on break today and there was this old couple (like, in their 70's at least) both riding on those motorized scooter things sitting in the isle with the femenine products and the lady was trying to pick some out and the old man kept pointing at some going "those right there" and "there they are, right there" and the lady kept turning around saying "hush your mouth" and "just shut up."

I literally couldn't hold my laughter in. Good thing I was a few isles over.

My thoughts on the situation were that, of course, it was rather funny, but also...
Why would a woman in her 70's need feminine products?


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The "Mom is Pissed Off" Count Down

Maybe it was just my Mom....I don't know....But whenever my Mom would get aggravated with me or my brothers she would start counting down backwards from 10 to 1. When I heard her start counting I usually just left the room if I were able to or just stopped talking if we were in the radical Astro van.

Though I'm not a Mom, that's what I'm gonna start doing when I start getting annoyed with people. I'll let ya know how that works after I try it a few times.

In other totally awesome Dad got in an "altercation" with a frumpy redneck woman who hadn't washed her hair in three months at Pizza Hut last night. I would explain the whole story, but you would pretty much die from laughter it's so funny. It all ended in her following him outside while saying "Oh, you wanna take this outside?!" and then writing down his tag number and saying she's gonna report him for harassment. Oh yeah, and then saying she was going to go back inside Pizza Hut and get his account information. When he told her that they wouldn't give her that info she said "Oh, I have my ways." Ahahahahahahaha!!! I'm pretty sure I've never heard my Dad say that someone was a bitch (in a non joking manner) until tonight.

It was totally worth driving to Snellville to hear that story.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Lunch with dead folks.

I spent my lunch hour at the cemetary today. I sat on a bench dedicated to Bettsie.

Look at who I found...

I loved sitting for an hour in the shade with the wind blowing. It was so peaceful. Just me and my Cheetos.

I'm here.

At the suggestion of JohnnyC I've started to blog on here instead of my lj. We'll see how I like it...

Jelly Babies...