Shaunna Faye

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Easy and Lucy

I brought my laptop outside for this one. "So you know it's good..."

It is so beautiful outside right now. And so quiet. Something that I haven't had a lot of lately. I don't know why. Chris has caught me a few times recently sitting in my car in the driveway for a few minutes after I get home from work. It's nice just to sit and enjoy no noise. He thinks it's weird.


David and Tanya had their babies today. It was awesome. We were there with all of their families (and Kelli and a few other close friends) in the waiting room for the news. They didn't find out the sex of the babies before, so it was a surprise for everyone. David posted a picture on Facebook of Brandon and Brenda from 90210 to share the news that it was a boy and a girl. So clever, that one.

Ezekiel Rogers Gordon and Lucy Mayrice Gordon are their names. The boy will be going by Easy. So cute. Lucy is named after David's grandmother, who was also there waiting with everyone. She didn't know that they were going to name her Lucy, so she got really emotional when he told her. Her crying made everyone else cry and it was awesome. Watching David's mom be so excited about everything was adorable. When David posted the picture on Facebook of Brandon and Brenda and we all knew that the babies were officially born, I watched David's mom give David's dad a big, long hug over to the side away from everyone with tears in her eyes. She was so proud.

Even though all we were doing was sitting and waiting, I'm glad we got to be a part of the group that was there. You could tell it was only people that were really close with David and Tanya and I'm happy to be included in that.

I know I will get to see these babies grow up their entire lives and I can't wait!

Today was a good day.

Friday, February 18, 2011


February can suck it. I've had my car broken into, GPS stolen, speeding ticket, ticket for no updated address on my license, ANOTHER speeding ticket (with a crooked, lying cop), computer issues at work that lost me a day and a half of work time, and allllllll the stress that comes along with these things.

I've been trying to work some overtime this month to have some nice spending money for Martha's birthday, and to buy just a few things that I want. This was all before I needed to buy a new GPS and pay for 3 tickets. Awesome.

I am not having a great time right now, but I know it will pass. And I'll go back to having a normal, stress-free life soon enough. I just hate how things always come crashing down all at one time.

Still, there's this adorable thing:

When she's not cranky because of a day with only a 30 minute nap, or teething pain, she's the best.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

So, it's Valentines Day. You know what me and Chris are doing? Nothing.

I don't want a card or flowers. And my thighs sure don't need chocolate. Chris checked with me like 5 times to makes sure I wasn't just testing him or something.

I promised him that I am more than ok with us going out to dinner on Saturday as a family. Really, we would have normally done this anyway.

A card and flowers would be nice for like 30 seconds, but then they'd be unappreciated. The card would get tossed and in a week the flowers would be dead. (The cats would try to eat them in the process.) I'm aware that makes me sound ungrateful. Honestly, I just think it's a waste of money. I'd rather it be put toward something that we need (like a bigger crock pot) or something that we want (like a new mailbox).

So, happy Valentine's Day, all you sappy fools! Tonight I will eat leftovers and go to bed early.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

No FH.

I love Melissa Beck. As much as someone could ever love someone they don't even know. If you watched The Real World season 1 (New Orleans) you know who I'm talking about. Except she was Melissa Howard back then. She's married to one of the members of Glassjaw now, Justin.

I read her blog, and I've actually emailed with her once before. (I was WAY too excited that she replied to me.) This was back in the day that I was trying to get pregnant and it was taking a lot longer than I'd hoped. She had the same experience and went through all the standard "I can't get pregnant" tests. I had just emailed her to ask about her experiences with all that to know what I'd be looking at having to go through. She wrote back and was very sweet and kind, answered my questions, and gave encouragement. And, of course, was funny as hell in the process.

So, it broke my heart to read a blog she wrote a few days ago. She, like I, had gotten pregnant and lost the baby really early. At 9 weeks to be exact. She went through the D&C like I did. She talked about how she felt like something was wrong with her body that it couldn't make a baby right, just like I had felt. She told her husband that it hadn't even crossed her mind that she could lose the baby, just like it had never crossed my mind that I could lose mine. She explained exactly what she was going through her head every step of the way and it was like I was reading my own story of my experience a few years ago. Her doctors were a lot more compassionate than mine were though. She got hand holding and hugs. I got "these things happen" and hurried out the door because the doctor had other patients to get to. I hated that Doctor. Three years later I can still picture him sitting there trying to be patient, but telling me that he needs to go check on other people so I need to make a decision about getting the D&C. Asshole.

Justin and Melissa went and had sushi after her bad news ultrasound.
Chris and I went and had chinese food after my bad news ultrasound.
Sitting there trying to act like you weren't just told that you aren't pregnant anymore.

I know she probably won't write back this time, but I emailed her again. Told her that the sadness goes away, but it's not something you'll ever forget.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Open Letter

An open letter to the turd that broke into my car:

Dear Turd,

First of all, let me thank you. I appreciate your generosity in letting me keep my wallet, which contains my drivers license and all of my debit/credit cards. I am also grateful that you did not take my CD's, garage door opener, or my $130 car seat that was just purchased a few months ago.

I noticed that you took your time while going through my things. Not only did you open all the zippers in my purse, you also made sure to check my make-up case, my coin purse, and even the tiny zipper inside of my wallet. I'm sorry that I only had $4 in cash. I'm sure you were disappointed.

I do commend you on being thorough. If you were in a hurry, I bet you would not have taken the time to make sure you got all 3 pieces that go to the GPS.

And how brave you are! Rummaging through a car parked in the owners driveway with an outside light shining down on you?! I mean, that takes some guts.

Anyway, I hope you get at least $50 on Craigslist for the GPS that we bought for over $100. Who knows...maybe I'll be the one you're trying to sell it to. And maybe you'll be stupid enough to leave all of the previous addresses searched and "home" location programmed in it.

Your Pissed Off Neighbor

P.S. I'm coming after you.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


She swiveled* her way over to the bookshelf.

"Martha, what are you doing?"


*The "swivel" is Martha's way of getting around. She doesn't crawl. She swivels her body around from a crawling stance to sitting down. It's like she's shifting her butt across the room. I find it quite charming.