Shaunna Faye

Monday, October 17, 2011


I once had a boyfriend try SO hard to get me to work out because he thought I was gaining weight. I was a size 8. I guess I didn't measure up to the porn stars he was looking at every single day on the computer while I was just one room over in the house he was living at with me - for free. He broke up with me after 2 years of being together because he wanted to date other girls.

I once had a boyfriend get high and make out with another girl. He told me about it even though we weren't technically "exclusive" because he knew honesty was so important to me. I accepted it as a mistake and got past it. Things didn't last long with us and we both moved on. Him, to rehab. I guess I didn't know how big the problem was.

I once had a boyfriend try to convince me that I didn't need my family anymore. That I should stop talking to them completely. Later I realized it was because they were telling me the truth about him and he didn't want me to know it. He also ruined my high school graduation day by getting incredibly mad at me because the shirt he wanted to put on at my house wasn't clean when he got there. Apparently that was a big deal.

I once had a boyfriend that I saw every single day that would never say he was my "boyfriend" because he was still so completely hung up on his ex-girlfriend. He ended up taking her virginity a few months after he broke up with me.

I once had a boyfriend that made me feel like everything was a test. Like I was constantly being looked at to live up to something that I could never. We only dated 2 months. It took me a year to get over him.

I once had a boyfriend that bought a new shirt to wear for the first time he was going to meet me. He took me to a Braves game for our first date. He always wanted to be with me and wasn't afraid to meet my family. That after a late night out, left some Tab energy drink (my favorite drink), some snacks, and a mix CD on my doorstep along with this note to help me through work the next day on just a few hours of sleep.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bullet Points

- I almost won $1000 on the radio this morning. I was calling from my cell phone in the car. The screener picked up and said "Are you calling for The Bert Show's Easy Money?" And I said "Yes!" but because I was on speaker phone, my voice was delayed. He said "hello?" and I said "Yes! Hi!" and then he hung up. This was followed by lots of me screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" at the phone.

- Chris was playing a video game the other day and said a curse word. Martha, without skipping a beat, repeated the curse word. Chris and I laughed so hard we were crying, and then realized that we should probably start watching what we say around her. It's at least a little funny when an 18 month old says the F word though.

- My mom taught Martha mine and Chris's names last week. So when Chris was on the phone with me the other day and said "Oh, Shaunna" Martha said it too. I made her say "Mommy" before I got off the phone just to make sure I wasn't going to be called "Shaunna" now.

-Martha has started to hate it when we watch TV when she's hanging out/playing in the living room. I was trying to squeeze in a 30 minute show while she was running around doing what she always does and she kept getting right up in my face and talking. Then Chris noticed that if we paused it and then started playing it, she would start whining every time. We tested the theory over and over. She whined every single time we turned it back on. Ha ha. So, it looks like most of the non-children's TV time will be spent after she goes to bed. Freaking kids needing attention and crap.