Shaunna Faye

Monday, November 23, 2009

Bows and Pink and Ruffles

Wellllllll, it's a girl. I think anyone who reads my blog already knows this by now. I, really, 100%, knew it was a girl. Chris wasn't surprised either. Kelli and my Mom came with us for the 3D ultrasound and I'm glad they got to be there to hear it at the same time that we did. All I really could say was "I knew it!"

Since then, I think Chris has really grown into the idea of having a little girl. I've bought a few cute things (bloomers with a flower on the butt, pretty Gap onesie, and red polka dot hat for summer time) and I think he's really looking forward to seeing a little girl in cute outfits. Plus, he's so lovey-dovey all the time, I think only a girl would appreciate all the hugs and kisses he's going to give them.

Before we knew the sex of the baby, we'd picked out some bedding options. I started sorting through them again after Saturday and decided that none of them would do. We started the search all over again and I really couldn't find anything that I liked. Everything was either too pink/green or pink/brown, or not enough of a girl color. We nixed the characted theme idea and decided to just to a color/design theme. We finally found a bedding set that we loved and Chris made me buy it before I could change my mind again. So, it's purchased and should be arriving in about a week. Now, if only I could get the room cleaned out...

Yes, I know I have plenty of time to get things together, but it's really driving me crazy that I just have boxes of things sitting around that need to be put away in the garage and even more things that need to be boxed up or thrown away.

So anyway, Martha Faye Turner is her name. Pretty sure everyone already knows that info too.

I am fully aware that not a whole lot of people like the name Martha. I also fully don't care. That's one of the wonderful things about this being MY CHILD. I get to pick the name and you have to deal with it. Booya.

Friday, November 20, 2009


It's been a few weeks since I've attempted to take off my wedding ring. Last time I tried, it was close, but I got it off.

Today, I looked down at my finger and noticed my ring looked particularly tight. I tried to pull it off and came nowhere near succeeding. Sausage fingers! One of the many terrible things about pregnancy. Your fingers get fat and swollen. I remember seeing pictures of my mom when she was pregnant and she wasn't wearing her wedding band. I have a feeling this will be me...

So, in my panic stricken moment of "they're going to have to cut this thing off of me!" I globbed some lotion on my finger and almost pulled the thing out of joint trying to get my ring off. But, I succeeded! Barely.

I put my ring in a safe place until I can get home and now I'm trying to figure out if I should get a fake ring to last me through these next few months, or let people look at my hand, then my belly, and judge. Trust me - this happens. I'm not making it up.

Ebay has offered me options. I'm considering it, if only to keep the judgers away. Plus, I don't need people at work thinking my husband and I split or something. Trust me - this would also happen.

Some people...

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Damn you, blood pressure! You're too high!

140/80. Apparently that's not incredibly high, just slightly over what they'd like to see me at. Soooooo....they took MORE blood today to test for some things and I get to pee in a jug for 24 hours and haul it over to their office for more tests. Lovely. Also, I get to take even more pills! Errrrrrrr. An extra 1000 mg of calcium and 1 baby aspirin every day. Cause let me just tell you how much I love taking pills every day. It's freakin awesome.

Did I mention that my Dr. also told me that I need to drink more water? I probably could have told her that. Even pre-pregnancy I never drank enough water. But that's because water is gross. Amen? Either way, I must force the awful stuff into my body for hydration sake. Barf.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Baby, School, Christmas.

Ok, so I took down the blog that I wrote yesterday. There was too much complaining going on, and no one needs a reminder of how much I hate being pregnant. I think I've made it very clear.

Things I'm looking forward to:

Tonight - Buying our very first Christmas tree for our very first house
Thursday - Half day of work and doctors appointment
Friday - Payday
Nov. 21st - Sex determination ultrasound and Cohen's first birthday party

In a non-baby related topic... The extra class that I wanted to take next quarter, but can't take anyway because I'd have to pay for it, is full. So, I wouldn't be able to take it even if I had the money. Sure, there are other classes that I'd still love to take (Human Growth & Development and Abnormal Psychology) that aren't full yet, but I've really just had to come to terms with the fact that 1. I don't NEED those classes and 2. I don't have the money for them anyway. So, I'm school-free for 3 whole quarters. I think I'm going to be a little bored.

Another non-baby related topic... I'd really love to have a small dinner party sometime in December. Just 6 people, or so. Small enough that I can fit them all in my dining area at the same table together. I want to go crazy with Christmas decorations, play Christmas music, and enjoy fellowship with friends. I'm hoping I can make this happen.

I love the holidays!!!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Prenant women are smug.

1. We both wanted a boy at first, but now I kinda want a girl. Chris still wants a boy.

2. We do have names picked out. Yes, we'll tell you what they are. And yes, we'll tell you if it's a boy or a girl once we find out.

3. My life was not meaningless before I was pregnant. I don't think yours is either.

4. I know you don't care and are just being polite.

I didn't make it.

I thought I could make it through the morning sickness part of this pregnancy without throwing up. Well, I made it 14 weeks and 2 days.

I think what pushed it over the edge this morning was that I got too hot. Hot shower, drying my hair, hot flat iron. The heat took over my body and I ran to the toilet, kicking Turtle on the way there because he likes to be at my feet in the morning when I'm getting ready for work. So then he just sat there and watched me hurl, which will probably be the most entertaining thing that he sees today.

While I was puking my guts out, I realized that it's been a good 3 weeks, at least, since we cleaned the toilet. This didn't help my situation.

Either way, I finished the heaving and sat in front of the fan. I felt instantly better, so I put my clothes on and went to work.

A day in the life...