Shaunna Faye

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

My kids aren't always angels, I promise. 4 year and 18 month check-ups.

​We took Martha to the Doctor yesterday for her 4 year check-up and Abel for his 18 month check-up. You know how your kids will almost always be angels for strangers? This was a perfect example. Here are some of my favorite quotes from the Doctor himself:

"This is like a dream. I feel like there should be doves flying around."
"You know they're not supposed to be this well behaved, right?"
"Are they always this good?"
"She's so well spoken. It's like she's British or something. Is she watching Downton Abbey in her spare time?"
"Other than being 4 going on 40, do you have anything you want to discuss today?"
"Has she always been this grown up?"
"It's like Abel has two mommies."

And that's not even all of them. He was seriously amazed at how well they were both acting.

And I swear Martha's answers sounded rehearsed, but I promise we didn't tell her to say anything. He asked her what she likes to eat and she said she eats lots of fruits and vegetables. He asked her what she likes to do for fun and she said she likes to play outside. He asked her what she does outside...does she ride a bike or a scooter. She said she rides both a bike and a scooter. He asked her if she wears anything on her head when she rides and she told him she always wears a helmet.

When he was done he asked me and Chris if we had any questions. We both said no. Then he asked Martha if she had any questions and she said yes. With her hands folded in her lap she said "Abel sleeps really well every night in his bed."

He gave us kudos for whatever we're doing as parents and also said that sometimes you just hit the jackpot with your kids being wired a certain way, so that felt nice.

I didn't mention that they're not always super great and well behaved children, but it did occur to me that we really aren't doing a terrible job as parents.